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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post

Just use "betray" then and it will avoid all the problems associated with the word "treason".

It has nothing to do with me "liking it". There is literally no structure that can be built to hold asylum seekers that doesn't meet your definition of concentration camp.

I still don't understand why people hold so dearly to certain words that others reject.

"What we did to the Kurds is treason!"

"Why do you say that? What is treasonous about it?"

"OK. What we did to the Kurds is a great betrayal!"

"Yeah. I agree"

Seems pretty simple to me.
If someone is sincerely interested in discussion, they don't use the JAQing off* structure, they just talk:

"What we did to the Kurds is treason!"

"I'm uncomfortable with the term "treason" there; it has a pretty specific legal definition and I don't see it. But it was certainly betrayal!"

See, JAQing off isn't about getting to truth; it's about scoring points, it's about trying to be all alpha by putting your self in the law-professor role, it's about making the other person admit they were wrong. I think a lot of people do it thoughtlessly, because it's common on the internet, so that's what they know. But generally speaking, when the JAQing starts, you know the person you are talking to will never be satisfied; they will read everything you write looking for "infiltration points" where they can raise an eyebrow and zing you. They imagine a crowd of lurkers clapping. They don't actually care about the discussion.

*I think "JAQing off" is a much better term than "sealioning". It perfectly captures the self-indulgent nature of the behavior.