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Originally Posted by Bryan Ekers View Post
Regarding the original Wondermark cartoon, I've always found the last line to be the most significant. The sea lion has been told to go away and at the end the sea lion says: "Very well. We shall resume in an hour." I take this to clearly mean the sea lion has no real interest in a discussion and doesn't care in the least if the other person wants to continue it or not, it's a petty power move.

Why isn't it just that he is dogged yet polite? He's going to back off long enough to let her eat breakfast, but he's not going to drop the matter.

Every attempt to cite supposed "great examples" of sealioning misses or purposely evades the fact that in the cartoon the sea lion is understandably miffed by a personal shot against him and his kind. It's not just some abstract issue that he's JAQing about. If that's not the emphasis intended by the author, he should have written a different comic strip. If a polite but persistent defense of oneself is not what users of the term "sealioning" have in mind, they should choose a different term. For example, the one I just used earlier in this paragraph: "JAQing". Or Manda Jo's version, "JAQing off".

Originally Posted by Derleth View Post
God's dead, baby. God's dead.

Yes, I get that sealioning has a meaning now and it's derived from the cartoon. However, I can't let a negation of Death Of The Author slip by. The meaning the word has is due to common usage, not Malki telling us what his cartoon means. Malki gets to have an opinion on that, but it isn't the final one, any more than Homer gets to have the last word on why Odysseus was like that.

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