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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
Oh, now you change your tune, that you are called out on your bias
Not a question, I don't have to answer.

Does your semantic nitpicking about word choice enhance your argument in any way? Or is it simply to win points on the internet?
I have no argument. I simply want to know what you mean. I don't care about "winning points on the Internet" since that is meaningless and affects me as much as a sports team winning a game.

So, you do not denigrate someone for their opinion, unless you judge that their opinion is ridiculous?
I try not to denigrate someone's opinion if I ask for it. If they give unasked for opinions that I consider moronic, then I do judge that. Seems bad form to ask for an opinion and then make fun of it. I try not to do that.

And your point is? Complaining about us using accurate terms to describe what is going on is only a distraction from what is going on. If you "win" the argument by exhausting the patience of your debate opponents, and they finally say, "Fine, I'll not call it a concentration camp anymore," what have you won?
I'm not interested in "winning an argument" I'm interested in what people on this board post, and why they post it.

Do you deny that one of the dictionary definitions of treason is betrayal? If so, take your fight up with webster, not with the poster. If not, then fucking let it go, as they did not use the word incorrectly, just not the way that you wanted them to use it.
No, I don't deny it. I feel that President Obama was an egregious President. Do you agree or disagree?