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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
That's strange. I thought we added a point to every successful kick (1 more than yahoo standard scoring), but actually looking at our scoring we do not. It's just the standard yahoo scoring for field goals made. The difference is that we have a penalty for misses. -3 for 0-19, -2 for 20-29, -1 for 30-39, and -2 for a missed PAT. I was thinking of the all-pro league, I think, where I added some score to longer kicks.

So, hmm, do we want to return the scoring to default and get rid of the penalties, or keep the penalties and just reduce a missed PAT to -1 instead of -2 because of the change in PAT distance?
I vote for just changing the missed PAT penalty to -1, certainly. There's no rationale for it being higher than the exact same kick that just happens to be not post-touchdown.