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Originally Posted by AuntiePam View Post
I was going to suggest avoiding silver maples, totally. They're fast growing and give great shade, but they're very messy. Just look at them wrong and they'll drop a wheel barrow full of branches.
Agree completely with AuntiePam. We have several massive silver maples and spend a couple hours after every windy day picking up branches. They also seed themselves relentlessly, have a massive and sometimes destructive root system, and provide basically no fall color. If you have deer predation, I would also suggest avoiding sugar maples; deer think they're candy.

You should check with your local Soil and Water Conservation District. They're the ones who make sure your land doesn't wash away into the nearest creek, among other things, so they like trees. Ours provides bareroot trees and shrubs in the 3-5 foot range for a good discount, and they usually have a forester on staff who can help you determine what will work best on your site. They don't usually advertise; we heard about the tree program in our county through word of mouth.

We've done business with Jung's Nursery, which is based in Wisconsin (Madison area or thereabouts?) and is a perfectly fine company, but we usually get our trees and shrubs either through the conservation district or through a local tree nursery. What they grow and sell is always going to be right for our particular area, and if anything does go wrong we know where they live .