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Originally Posted by Tastes of Chocolate View Post
Unfortunately, coverage now and cheap usually don't go together.
If what you want is cheap, check out The Arbor Day foundation. You are probably a zone 4, so look for trees that will grow there.
My personal experience with the trees from the Arbor Day Foundation: The trees, if you could call them that (and that's only with a huge dose of imagination) were not much more than twigs with near nothing roots. They came in a plastic shipping bag and were so poorly labeled, we had no clue what they were. I had originally planned on giving some to friends and planting a few, but because there were so many different ones, and it was nearly impossible to tell which were which (some had faded colors on them, while others had no colors to match to a piece of paper with a description of the "tree"), I ended up planting one and not the others. My friends declined to take any, as they didn't know what types of trees they were planting.

Had I to do it all over again, I would elect not to order trees via the Arbor Day Foundation. Of course, I have a smaller piece of property (about a third of an acre). If I had more property and wanted to simply fill in with trees, then it might be fine, but I'd not be able to be picky about the trees planted.