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My tractor broke down. The engine ran but no power was going to the wheels. I had had a clutch spline strip once before and was afraid it was that again. I had a local tractor repair shop trailer it to their facility, where they diagnosed that the high/low range lever was in the middle position, Neutral. They said they'd only charge me $100 for moving it twice and looking it over, and I asked how much extra to not tell any of my neighbors.

I think, though, that I probably deserved this. Some years earlier I had to replace the hydraulic fluid dipstick because it was bent, so I went to the parts department at the same shop and asked for one. The clerk brought it out, and I asked how much more it would be to have it installed. She spent several minutes on the computer and thumbing through manuals, trying to find the price and unsure why she couldn't find it, until I broke down and told her she could stop.