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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
One could theorize that the self-contained execution loop gives rise to the 'drivers's seat view' but that the 'view' included the data handlers as well.
If there is a “driver's seat view”, it would have to be the programs top level process that handles major data traffic control. Except, even that process is just making decisions on abstract symbols that it receives from lower-level processes, without any real understanding of what they mean, apart from what the application parametrics tell it about how to handle specific data. An entire program, that seems so useful and sometimes even collaborative, is just a massive rat's nest of Half Man Half Wit's box-of-switches-and-lights with all the switches and lights obfuscated into nanoscale silicon and metal traces. You can make it vast, but the fundamental structure is no different.

This is, of course, all frivolous theorizing, but one thing that stands out to me is that I've never heard any other explanation for where or how that 'drivers's seat view' originates. I mean sure, there's bullshit about souls, but that just kicks the can down the street - how do souls do it, mechanically speaking? Whether material or spiritual the process is being carried out somehow.
I put forth already, that the most sensible view is that this elusive thing is merely a manifestation of the survival instinct that is hardwired into critters (of which we are). It would explain the whole "immortal soul" concept, as in, “I don't want to die, so it makes me happy to believe in an ectoplastic part of me that will persist forever in the Elysian Fields (or Asphodel, or Og forbid, Tartarus)”, and so far, I have yet to hear a more satisfying explanation.

And now, on to attempting to see if HMHW's explanation makes some sense to poor old simple me, and to see if it accomplished the literally impossible and draws a distinction between the function of a physical brain and its functionally exact copy.
We might find out once we are able to actually accomplish that, but as has been said, the function of a program is defined by externalities. Two exact copies of the same logic-processing system will only function exactly the same way for exactly the same set of inputs. Consider that the human brain is subjected to a constant, roiling stew of hormonal inputs, and unless you can replicate the biochemistry with precision, there will be distinctions. Not to mention the ever-present survival instinct.