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No. No. Don't YOU see? (Are you really so stupid? I thought "The Straight Dope Message Board" sort of prided itself on drawing 'intelligent' folks.) (Though detractors beg to differ.)

Of COURSE, anyone who disagrees with RIGAMOR
OLE is, obviously... no no....lay down...HE is surperior...smarter...has a better brain...he and chacoguy...good guys...

OK lets see YOUR version(s) of politics and the World? Something more...conventional?
Disagree with what? We don't know what you're saying.

Let me try to translate the OP from Incoherent to English:

"I think the two main American political parties are too similar in their foreign policies due to corporate influence. We, the American voters, should be seeking alternative ideas."

Is that close?

How about you come down off of whatever it was you took and try this again.