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I sympathize with your frustration,
ill-versed as it may be,
But while the US seems a hypocrite nation,
there are reasons —as you shall see.

The system of nations lacks authority,
or power to keep folks in line,
If you can't trust your neighbours, there's no place for charity,
and you fight just to stay fine.

When one nation gains power, the others all lose some
since "power" means power over others;
And power means security, so losing it hurts one,
you'd have all the power, had you your druthers.

So countries jostle for position and power,
and people die as they clash,
And some dominate some, which may make them sour,
or maybe just saves them some cash.

America's the hegemon, which means that they run things,
so their states are always secure —
But they have to fight battles, and topple the odd king,
just so that they can be sure.

The other folks hate them, but really are just like them,
since they really want the same things:
Peace and security, and maybe even freedom,
and to be able to keep all their bling.

Into the mix, we add cooperation,
since life isn't just about safety,
And people (like me!) have been working for much time,
but it takes time to change everything —see?

There's no reason to think that it's all a conspiracy,
it's just rulers all have the same aims.
So the world today looks a lot like in history,
from Sparta to Delhi and up the Thames.
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