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Originally Posted by Amateur Barbarian View Post
I am just puzzled as to why they've gotten so full of grasping greed and idiocy as to expend effort keeping people from using the word.
The answer is that they haven't. They don't care if people say Super Bowl. They do care if other businesses try to make money off the words Super Bowl and either compete with the NFL or make money off the trademark without the NFL's permission. They might be overzealous about it but that's not totally unreasonable. It's their intellectual property and they want to make sure nobody trashes their name.
Being so intimidating that even journalism sites steer around the word is even more so.
The words "Super Bowl" are all over the websites of ESPN, Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, and on and on. If you see journalists avoiding the phrase, they are either being jokey or stupidly misunderstanding the issue. That's not so unusual- most journalists aren't lawyers and plenty of other people don't get the fine points of this stuff either. That's not to say I know all that much about it myself, but I've seen this kind of thing discussed before. Every time you hear about a famous person trademarking a catchphrase, someone inevitably says "Huh? Does this mean they want everyone who says those words to pay them? They're crazy!"