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A better question...

If the sense of protection is solely a females basis on choice of mate then consider these thoughts ...
1. Has she considered the alternative?... dogs are great security.
2. Is she looking for a GOOD guy or a NICE guy or a STRONG guy?... there is a definite difference in each individually.
3. The males aware of this evolutionary truth are better searching for the female needing protection?
4. If she is looking for protection then how NICE a guy is matters none; thats a sacrifice one makes in this particular situation... most likely she will go for the ass hole who is just as likely the wimp as a nice guy having been passed by.
Even so, an ass hole that turns out to be a wuss was most likely chosen over a nice guy fit to serve these protection needs (this is shown by Hollywood in decades of romantic films).
5. Many NICE people are just as mean at times as those who are more often so.

If the intention here is to seek out a female mate its best to be the person you want to be or the person they want you to be. Ask yourself what life you want and what significance does this choice place over any/all life goals... Go from there.