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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
I've tried... but here goes again, as simply as I can: those women and girls consented to having photos and video taken, but not to those photos and videos being utilized to attack a politican, and not for you to insist that they were mistreated when you have no idea whether or not they consented, and whether or not they consider Biden a close friend or family.

Your assumption that they are fine with you using those images and videos for these political attacks (or even worse, if you don't care if they're fine with it), and your assumption that these women and girls did not consent to the actions in those photos and videos, is creepy and gross.
Whoa! So you're saying that even after photos and videos of someone are widely available on the Web, and that person has never protested that availability or tried to restrain it, that person still should have the right to be consulted on each individual use of those photos.

That makes no sense, and would be impossible even if it did.