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Hehe, I love drunken sports boasts!

For the audience who don't have access to the League page here's the text of neroman's post:

Originally Posted by Rhinosaurs(neuroman) (neuromanzero)
It's been long enough.

I think we should open this football league to sidebets.

I would like to wager my 11th round pick from next year against your 11th round pick from next year, Cedric Benson Busts. Who will do better as a QB from now until the end of the year: Tuiasosopo, or Frye or Losman?

You can pick either QB before 1pm EST on Sunday; if you accept my wager then one of us will get two 11th round picks, the other will get neither. If you think Losman or Frye will do better, take me on.

*I'm drunk
**I'm assuming neither of us taking a keeper in the 11th round next year.
FTR, I'm the Cedric Benson Busts.

neuroman, don't think the gambler in me doesn't love the sounds of this. Fact is, I haven't seen or studied any of these guys enough to make a decent asessment so it's basically a coin-flip for me. In any case, I'm in an ugly position since I've got to count on these guys as my QB in the playoffs.

All 3 guys have comparable schedules remaining.

Though, the biggest concern I have is probably that other players might feel that it effects the competitive balance. Either way oneof us get 2 #11s and that would effect everyone. Probably not fair. Some oher side-bet would perhaps be better.