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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
I understand that it's not complete denuclearization, or even all that close yet, but was your "not even close" directed at my understanding that "This appears... to be the most significant progress"? Is there some other happening that you'd point to as being more significant progress than this?
If you read the rest of the sentence - you'd be able to understand why its 'not even close'.

This is nothing more than saying "we've proven we have them, we're satisfied with our ability to make and launch as we see fit, we don't need to test them". Closing a test facility on that basis is actually more of a bold statement of "and now we'll just use them".

It sounds good on the surface - but underneath, its really more of a threat.

When was the last time US actively tested nuclear weapons ? 1992 - - would saying we're closing our testing facilities have shit to do with our abiltiy to produce and use the weapons?

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