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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Trump the statesman?
This appears to be in English but the words taken together are gibberish.

Kim gave up nothing. Why continue to test bombs that you know work? They aren't cheap so why reduce your arsenal by one just to prove what you already know?

A real president would not have agreed to meet with Kim until all foreign nationals held by NK have been released. The real danger with this summit is what Dumb Donald will agree to. Will he trade away a cow for a handful of magic beans? Will he say that NK can have all the missiles and bombs it wants as long as none can reach any of his properties? Will the dumb ass let himself get videotaped while having a pee party with the best hookers in North Korea? Negotiations with hostile parties should be undertaken with the best diplomats the country has to offer, not the dullest knife in the drawer.