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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Yes, right now the goal that Trump is seeking (and implausibly claiming he's already achieved) is to restore the situation that existed during the Clinton administration.

And I think Trump will fail to actually achieve his goal. North Korea isn't going to give up its nuclear weapons. Trump, however, will invent a new definition for "denuclearization" and claim he won.
The most likely outcome I can see from Trump is that after the summit, he declares that Kim is now his friend, that they've come to a mutual understanding and respect, and that's it, mission accomplished, where's my Peace Prize? Japan and South Korea will be rather less than impressed. Kim might hold off on weapons tests for a while and will tell the North Koreans about the massive victory he won over America who was forced to send their president to beg and scrape in fear of North Korean power.
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