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Originally Posted by CaptMurdock View Post
Isn't that about the language used in the Iran deal? The same one Repubs excoriated Obama for?
Sorry, no comparison. What the Repubs excoriated Obama for was a program that's much more rigorous than anything Trump's likely to get out of Kim:

1) Iran doesn't have any nuclear weapons.
2) They've agreed to not refine uranium beyond a given level of purity that's well short of the level where it would work in a nuclear warhead.
3) They've agreed to a rigorous program of inspections of their nuclear facilities.
4) Those inspections are already ongoing.

The language you're referring to is where NK has agreed to:

0) Suspend nuclear missile testing.

They still have nukes and aren't giving them up, they haven't agreed to cease refining uranium to bomb-grade levels, they haven't agreed to inspections.