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Originally Posted by CBCB View Post
Has anyone got any thoughts on the very bottom line of the second note?


Date-week-month-year? If this is correct, it just troubles me that's it's not coded, as there's no numbers there. Could it be a template for something/someone??

Just a thought!
Total WAG ahead.

Well, MIL could be interpreted as a (techinically incorrect, but parseable and calculable) Roman number, 1049 (1000+50-1). The correct Roman number would be MXLIV. XDRLX looks suspiciously like another Roman number, but it includes R, which is not a valid Roman numeral to my knowledge. Ignoring it and taking XDLX, that would be an incorrect form of 550 (500-10+50+10).

So, D-W-M-Y 1049 550?

Perhaps the 1st day of the 0th week of the 4th month, 9550? So, April 1, 9550. Was he an SF fan?

Or, treating the R as a divider, D-W-M-Y 1049 490 60

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