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So basically a thousand Views in just 2 days? Hmm, not bad for a Forum...not bad at all.
lol, at-least people could read threw my poor illistrations but some awesome creditable data on subject...because reguardless of how many details people scaned threw, I'm sure the average person just wanted to know who had killed the other more, not quite what I wanted to presure an emit, but at-least the thousand of people weather a tiger fan, lion fan or both can have a bit more knowledge an credability than what wiki left out.
With just the end result at-least it kinda puts the consealing attempt of so many sites of degrading the lion... has this data putting the lions true history back into the seats of a good debate, if not a blow out debate...XD XD...But as I said before, as much as I like sharing information, I also like learning, so if anyone has anything thats not in this small list, feel free to add them in for both sides of the debate.
Mahalos, ^_^