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Originally Posted by Pushkin View Post
I was going to suggest Wikipedia (they actually have such an article entitled Tiger Versus Lion) and then I wondered if the OP was the same anonymous editor who requested amendments to that article only a few days ago
Oh? Cool, Yeah thats me. I Dident know that a person responeded that he wont be editing Typical, he states he had no clue what I was talking about, Que? How is that possible not to understand something as simple as what I asked? Its as simple as making a peanut butter an jelly All I asked was to post some not all...of the data to better inphinsize both can reach up to 900 pounds an both have killed the other, not just the tigers side and hide-ing the lions...sound's to me like this A- hole is just hyped up to conseal the truth.
But I guess I can try an explain to this person one more time nice an slow what should be posted, if he dosent want to, then that explains alot of the status of that web page's credibilty which is moded by a fanatic.
So thanks for pointing that out for me pal. ^_^