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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
So when she touched him, that wasn't unwanted touching, but when he touched her, afterwards, it was. And then later, when she touched him again, that was fine.

Double standard much?
Exactly, so glad you're finally beginning to grasp the veriest first scintilla of The Point. It's like a strip club--the strippers can touch a customer if they want to and that touch is generally quite welcome, but let a customer touch a stripper and the bouncer will give them pavement skidmarks on their lips. Maybe Biden would just loooooooooooove it if every woman and five year old girl within a mile of his location would swarm around him and rub aaaallll over him--but I think we can be reasonably sure that every woman within a mile radius of Biden (including five year old girls) does NOT welcome the idea of Biden rubbing all over THEM. This is called--now write this down, because it's important, CONSENT. Biden might give consent for women to rub all over him, but his giving that consent does NOT then give him permission to do the same to them. Now go write this down seven or eight hundred times until you understand how it works, thanks ever so.

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