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Well, you used the term "political attack" repeatedly earlier so I'm gauging if someone does bring it up politically there isn't middle ground for you where such footage could be used as a source of less weaponized political criticism.

If only minors had been recipients of questionable touching and body language, there might be an unpleasant reality of diminished odds any of them would speak up. Maybe it's an exception to most situations, maybe it's a symptom of a more profound worldview difference, in general I believe society should be actively pressing in the direction of acknowledging rights and respecting boundaries for children. I'm not saying I have any great answers for this ambiguity other than maybe considering it advisable to limit the exposure of children attending certain events - which would only help curb the lowbrow attack side of the ledger, or any psychological problems that may accompany being in the camera eye. Expecting everyone who is reasonable to avoid bringing it up where politics are concerned is overboard unless they went out of their way to see something wrong, which again, can be ambiguous.