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Originally Posted by Raguleader View Post
So, just played the EC, and got a few thoughts:

The scene where they evac your two teammates (due to being badly wounded) was a nice touch, though it could have been done a lot better. Or really, in any way that didn't stick a wrench in the pacing for that whole sequence. I would have had Shepard call for an evac, made sure his team-mates were alright, and said a quick goodbye without spending a couple of minutes having a heartfelt conversation in the middle of the battle. I would have had the Normandy (or one of her shuttles) picking them up after Shepard went through the Conduit, since there was already a transition cut there.

I did like that they at least showed other wounded soldiers being brought aboard, instead of the implication that Shepard's two friends were the only ones worth landing to save.

ETA: Did anybody else wonder why Harbinger didn't bother to at least try to blow up the Normandy while she was parked in front of him like a giant middle finger? Another problem that would be sidestepped by waiting until after Shepard went into the Conduit before the evac arrived.

The Refusal ending was interesting, though I was hoping to see the Shepard VI. That was easily one of my three favorite things about ME3 just for pure comedy value.

I thought that scene came at a bad time, as well. I was sitting there thinking "Why the hell are they stopping to talk right now, get out of there, this is a damn war zone!" It pushed my suspension of disbelief a bit, and I agree that showing it at the same time as the Hackett scene would have been better. Still, probably my least favorite part of the EC.

A decent fanwank for why Harbinger didn't blow up the Normandy could be that the Reapers' priority was to ensure that not a single person made it to the beam, and so an evac ship, juicy target of opportunity that it was, wasn't worth wasting time on. However, that still doesn't explain why Harbinger stupidly flies off once everyone's down without first raking the area with lasers until everything is turned to ash.