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I played ME1 and ME2 multiple times. I did every maleShep romance, and either full paragon or a paragon/renegade mix. I played multiple classes.

The last 30+ minutes of the game were one long cut scene where maybe it had me push a button just to keep the screen saver from kicking in. The beginning was a long cut scene. And the cut scenes in-between were long. Every time you finished one of the main story missions, you could count on a bathroom break.

I did appreciate that they took away having to survey every damn planet (ME2) or having to drive the damn car over every inch of land (ME1), but the exploration aspect still added nothing overall. I thought side missions in both earlier games were better fleshed out. The majority of the ME3 side missions were fetch missions.

I'm only on the PC, and hitting escape didn't pause the cut scenes, especially that ending. LOTR: The Return of the King's ending wasn't that long.

I don't know if I will go back and try out other endings or romances (and I don't watch other people playing computer games on YouTube). I went into the game wanting to know how the story would end for all the characters, but Bioware/EA dropped the ball on delivering it in a game format.