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There's some space between all women either swallowing their disappointment or soundly rejecting, and no damage at all.

In any case new poll out of SC adds more data to the conclusion of if any impact pretty minimal.
The poll was taken from March 31-April 4, just after a former member of the Nevada state assembly accused Biden of touching and kissing her. While the poll was being taken, Biden promised in a video to be more mindful about personal space.

The accusation, however, did not hurt Biden with the 744 likely Palmetto State Democratic primary voters polled.

Biden, who is expected to join the race as early as this month, leads in South Carolina with 32 percent, more than twice as much as second-place U.S. Bernie Sanders of Vermont at 14 percent. Still, Biden dropped 4 percent from a Change Research 2020 poll in February, while Sanders was unchanged. ...
Bigger stories in that poll though was the strength of undeclared Abrams and doing quite well Buttigieg, both at 7%.

Also this state needs to be a win for Harris to have a path. Her 10% third place pole position aint bad but won't cut it. One assumes though hypothetical Abrams cuts into her numbers even more than it cuts into Biden's.

But as for this thread, the news cycle's damage at least seems to be far from a death blow.