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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I guess since I kicked this little nest of hornets, I should respond. And the answer is, no, apparently Joe's campaign is not over before it starts. I suspect he has been damaged, but maybe not. Time will tell.
Eric Swalwell announced tonight---another (basically) moderate white male.

This won't help Biden. The more centrist white males there are in the race, the less those who like Biden have a reason to rationalize his problems (of age, of having failed to get the nomination before, of having problems with being handsy, etc.).

I don't hate Biden, but I will admit I don't particularly admire him. More importantly, I see vulnerabilities that lead me to believe he will lose to Trump.

Trump may be visibly suffering from dementia, but his supporters are being protected from that knowledge. All Americans will see Biden's upcoming gaffes and slowness, though.

Those who haven't already made up their mind ('for Trump' OR 'for any functioning adult OTHER than Trump') are not going to be enthusiastic about Biden. He's polling well now because of name-recognition. That won't be enough on November 3, 2020.