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I support the full legalization of marijuana, but this isn't how it should be done. If you want to get toasted, that's your business. Playing "Let's Pretend" is a waste of resources.
When I finally mentioned the reason for my appointment (I always thought I had IBS, never sought medical care for it, now it was worse and I thought it would qualify as IBD, allowed in SB3) he laughed in my face. Sure, he'd be happy to diagnose me with IBD after referral for colonoscopy and a histopathologic diagnosis, otherwise he suggested I keep buying it on the street. I left his office pretty unhappy.
Darn those doctors who won't diagnose something you don't have so you can get treatments that won't work on what you haven't got.
I had read about PTSD diagnosis (one of her specialties) and was hoping to qualify. I never lied, but I did emphasize areas of my history that I thought would help. Turns out I qualified!
She sounds like a real crackerjack diagnostician.

I'm glad you can get high if that's what you want. If it ever becomes legal, I will probably join you. It just seems like it's not good for patients or the medical profession if I have to pretend I have Lou Gehrig's disease before I spark one up.