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Originally Posted by Stranger On A Train View Post Collins votes with Trump 78.5% of votes versus a predicted 47.5% based on Trumpís electoral margin. She may not be a dedicated Trumpeter, but she resembles one closely enough that it doesnít really matter. Her voting record has never really been all that liberal despite views to the contrary, and while the Kavanaugh vote seems calculated to make her seem as if she is being circumspect and stentorian, it isnít as if she had much choice if she wanted RNC support in a 2020 Senate primary or hypothetical run as governor. If there was ever an issue to fall on your sword over in this session this was it, and instead she did the sword-swallowing trick of making it seem like she was giving weighty consideration while actually ending up in the exact position she had to adopt to remain in Republican politics.
"Predicted voting based on Trump's electoral margin" is really stupid for a number or freasons. Probably most importantly, it's assuming that the group of people who voted for Collins but not for Trump will not vote for Collins unless she breaks with Trump most of the time. I'm sure there were people who voted against Trump and for Collins who agree with most of the bills Trump has supported (especially since most of what Trump has supported is just the mainline GOP agenda). The stat is basically trying to predict marginal differences in voting habits based on absolute electoral results.

Honestly I think some liberals got excited that Collins voted against the healthcare repeal - but she was against it because she wanted to do her plan of giving block grants to states, plus she wanted to preserve other federal funding, not because she actually supports the ACA.