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Originally Posted by KidCharlemagne View Post
I agree - I was trying to get HurricaneDitka to see that.
You can lead a horse...

Originally Posted by China Guy View Post
IMHO that was pure Kabuki theater. Same with the pretend "hear out the case against Kavanaugh" BS
Yeah, she makes a great show of considering all sides but then consistently votes conservative anyway. Imguess people are fooled and then disappointed when she doesnít male more moderate decisions but she is part of a political mechanism that actively punishes moderation and bipartisanship, and no doubr many of these decisions are based on sustaining her political career. However, the Kavanaugh confirmation vote was a clear choice of political expediency or making the ethically and rationally correct decision to reject cloture until a more thorough investigation had been done, and to reject confirmation in absence of a complete investigation and in the face of having a confirmation ramrodded through despite Kavanaughís conflicts of interest and behavior in the committee hearing, the presumed credibility of Fordís allegation notwithstanding.

Collins choise expediency and used the GOP-supplied whitewash to suggest that Ford confused Kavanaugh with her actual assailant despite a nearly universal consensus among cognitive sciences that trauma victims will have stark memories of salient details of an attack even as ancillary details are forgotten or blocked. Collins can now count herself as among those who dismiss the claims of assault victims on the basis that women just donít have good enough ladybrains to be able to store all of that information and get easily condused when questioned by a panel of brawny, virile men like Chuck Grassley and Lindsay Graham. She didnít accuse Ford of being a ďscorned womanĒ but she might as well have done so.

I donít know how popular Collinsí performance was among Maine voters but if they dump her itíll be little enough justice.