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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
You have been on about how I dare to assume someone I do not know feels about Biden being overly familiar with them.

So I am exploring how that plays out in your head because you seem to be trying to have it both ways. Flores is right and Carter is right so Biden should and should not be judged.

Which is just weird...
I don't understand how it's "weird" or otherwise difficult to understand that it's reasonable to criticize Biden for the behavior that Flores describes, but not reasonable to criticize Biden for being affectionate with a close friend (Carter), and not reasonable to characterize in any way the appropriateness of the contact for women and girls who have chosen not to speak out publicly.

It's not okay to violate someone's personal space (without consent, obviously). It is okay to be affectionate with a close friend if that's the kind of relationship you have (i.e. that hugs and affection are welcome, and this has been made clear over the course of a long friendship). It's not okay to presume you have any knowledge about the consent of a bunch of women and girls who have not chosen to speak out about their experiences.

What's "weird" about that?

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