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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
I decline to play this revolting game, because it is wrong to assume how the women/girls felt about that contact.

Oh come on now, I just can't get on board with this at ALL. I'm a human with functioning eyes and an understanding of how humans show their discomfort with a situation and regardless of what someone might say after the fact I think analyzing their observed reactions to a situation is completely valid. For instance, how about this sequence? He puts his hands on her chest, she moves away and elbows his hand away from her with a look of confusion on her face and damned if he doesn't move that hand right back where it was. No. That little girl was not happy with the interaction, did not want his hand on her chest and actively resisted it--and he did it again. That's a determined pushing of clear boundaries and no amount of excuses is ever going to make it okay.

And even if that girl, however old she is now, were to come out and say that "no, it's cool what happened," I am going to think about the myriad instances where I've heard people excuse their abusers and cover for them and insist that everything is JUST FINE OKAY because I also remember those same people breaking down under the stress later on and finally acknowledging the damage done to them. Dissociation is a thing sometimes, and humans have had millions of years of practice in developing and analyzing the nonverbal reactions of other humans--we know what's going on, but some of us decide we're going to pretend we don't, and that's not okay. I am not okay with what Biden does and a lot of other people are not happy with it either and no number of women coming up and saying "No, it's okay, it's cool what happened" is going to make me comfortable with what I had to observe.

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