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R Kelly's "victims" often seem to cover up for him. Scare quotes because his teenage co-girlfriends say everything is cool, they really enjoy living with R Kelly and have since they were 16. So there ya go, nothing to see here.

Except that Biden isn't accused of anything in the same ballpark as R Kelly. Do people really, truly believe he is a pedophile? Because of a snapshot of him seeming to look at a little girl's chest? It reminds me of that photo of Obama looking at that woman's butt- maybe that photo represented what was really happening, but more likely it was just snapped in an awkward moment.

Not trying to make excuses for Biden. Seems like there are more handsy examples every few hours, which isn't a very flattering news cycle for him to say the least. I just want to say that pedophilia is a little bit too damning of an accusation to throw around casually, on flimsy evidence. If not electing him POTUS is the right thing to do, we can do that without exaggerating his problems.