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I'm not saying he's a pedophile, I'm saying he either has NO idea he's crossing boundaries (seems suspect considering how often people have called him on it over several DECADES) or he's unable or unwilling to control his behavior even after myriad people have told him--and articles have been written, and bits on tv shows have been aired and social media comments have mounted into the thousands over his behavior--and that's not someone with good judgment and/or ability to control his impulses. I prefer people I'll vote to have power over me to have good judgment and the ability to control their impulses. I prefer people who understand and respect common boundaries. I prefer people who do not treat women and girls as objects they can handle at will regardless of their preferences. I prefer people with social intelligence who know when they creep other people out. I prefer people who defer to others about what THEY want in terms of being touched and handled and who goddamned well gain consent before getting their grabby little mitts going. Unca Joe has shown over and over he does not have these qualities, not to mention some other little judgment problems and a demonstrated inability/unwillingness to be guided by others into modifying his behavior. So yeah, no thanks to Unca Joe.