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Originally Posted by Try2B Comprehensive View Post
Except that Biden isn't accused of anything in the same ballpark as R Kelly. Do people really, truly believe he is a pedophile? Because of a snapshot of him seeming to look at a little girl's chest?
I agree that photo and accusation is ridiculous. An ancient photo taken at an inopportune moment is evidence of nothing. Certainly in my life my gaze has looked in the direction of a young girl's chest. I was not looking at her chest, I have no interest in her chest but there was a moment when my eyes were pointed in that direction. A snapshot at that moment would look bad.

We have no evidence of Biden being a pedophile. We do have lots of photo evidence of him creeping on women. Maybe all those women loved his attention. We cannot know without interviewing them all. If I were a betting man my money, seeing the look on their faces, is they were not all happy with it.

Biden as a pedo? I don't believe it. At least, it needs a LOT more evidence.
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