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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
I deleted my post wanting to re-think it but got it anyway.

I honestly do not know what your position is. Best I can come up with is you do not think I should assume what the myriad of women Unca Joe is creeping on are thinking.

And you are right...I do not know. From where I am sitting it looks super creepy. If they all come out and say no, it was all totally cool, they love Unca Joe's neck-rubs then fine.

Till then Biden looks like a real creep to most anyone except you.
I don't really care about anyone saying "that looks creepy" if they see Biden doing something on TV. That doesn't bother me.

I don't like the usage of these lurid videos of women and girls being touched, that were made for political purposes, without the consent of these women and girls. And I don't like others trying to use these nasty, consent-free videos for their own arguments. There are perfectly reasonable criticisms of Biden's behavior, using Flores' account (and apparently a second account I haven't seen yet), that don't require the usage of random internet consent-free nastiness.

And I really don't like your brushing aside the personhood of Stephanie Carter who is perfectly capable of speaking for herself, and did speak for herself, and you continued to implicitly deny that she could have this voice and was capable of having a friend who could give her hugs as they pleased. I can't imagine how you've convinced yourself that you shouldn't have backed off from this. Biden behaved inappropriately with Flores; that doesn't mean that he behaved inappropriately with Carter, especially when she says that they were close friends and she welcomed his affection. Those posts are creepy and gross, and you don't lose anything by considering that maybe you made a mistake and backing off from them.

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