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I hasten to add that I've always liked Joe Biden in general as a senator and vice president. I don't dole out heaps of praise for any particular name-brand politician that often, but I really do get the sense that Biden is a passionate defender of the working class guy.

I may be naive, but I even get the sense that while younger Joe Biden probably was motivated more by a sense of ego - like all ambitious and aspiring presidential candidates - I get the feeling that older, mature Joe Biden could take it or leave it. I do get the impression that he really regrets not running not because he feel like he personally missed his chance to be president and because he missed out on some lifelong dream, but more so because he's truly appalled at the morons running the white house now and the opposition party that has enabled him. I'm not even totally convinced he wants to run for himself as much as he is constantly reminded every damn day that he probably could even squeaked out a victory over Trump, and chose not to run. I bet that eats away at him, and so now he feels compelled to run because of his own feelings and probably because everyone around him has convinced him he can do it this time.

I won't say that he doesn't have ambition, ego, and designs on power - you don't get to be a multi-term senator and Veep without these traits. But what I'm saying is that I think he can walk away from it if he really wants to and he could live out his life content on a personal level, which is different from how I assess Hillary Clinton's reaction to her loss. My impression is that while she, like Biden, is horrified by Trump's inflicting damage to the country, I also get the feeling that she feels cheated, that she lost out on a lifelong dream, and that she'll never, ever get over it - ever.

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