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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
But further, why the hell do you need the videos? Multiple women have spoken up, with very credible (and consistent!) allegations of inappropriate touching by Biden.


Unless you're the type that just naturally disbelieves women (and I don't think you are, based on past threads on other instances of inappropriate behavior), the videos are entirely unnecessary to your argument. Now I believe the number is 7 -- 7 women have come forward with very similar stories about inappropriate touching by Biden.
Well okay then, that makes a difference. Last time I checked, Flores was the only woman I was aware of that had come forward, though I heard there'd been a second one, but didn't know any details about it. And you see what DrDeth said about Flores. So yeah, I felt I needed the pix and videos.

But I agree with you, at this point the stories should more than suffice. I'll cheerfully concede the point.