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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Most of this doesn't appear to have anything to do with my actual words. I'm honestly trying to explain my views here. That's all.
I'm sure you're being honest with your views, and I'm sure you don't see anything problematic with what you've written. That doesn't mean that your arguments aren't playing into some particularly sexist attitudes and assumptions.

If you disagree with me, please tell me which specific words and sentences you disagree with, and why. The above post seems to be referring to arguments I never made (and find as abhorrent as you appear to).
Okay. Here's where I think you're making the arguments I alluded to:

"If nobody complained, they must have been okay with it,"

It's not reasonable or appropriate to use videos and images of people being touched, who may or may not have been close friends of Biden (or otherwise welcomed his affection), and have not consented to having their image used in this way, for political attacks.
This is exactly the attitude that lets a lot of this sort of misbehavior go unchecked for so long. Obviously, we don't know the feelings of every individual in that video compilation. We do have one example of woman who was entirely okay with it. And we have more than half a dozen, so far, who were not. Maybe if someone had looked at Biden's behavior sooner, and said, "This isn't cool, he needs to knock that shit off" there might have been fewer women in the second group. We can't do that, however, if attempting to look at his public behavior gets treated like this:

"By raising concerns about this situation being sexist, you're showing yourself to be the real sexist."

They are not providing implicit consent for strangers to slobber and obsess over the precise details of how their bodies were touched or handled, or anything else about their bodies, any more than they are providing consent for these images to be used in pornography.
Someone is concerned that a video shows a politically powerful person behaving inappropriately with women. You cast this concern as sexual in nature, as if the person concerned about Biden's behavior is receiving some sort of sexual gratification from the videos.