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Also, it's not JUST a question of how each individual woman felt when the pic or video was taken, it's that seeing and watching those pics and videos can (and definitely does) call up empathy and memories in the viewer, putting the viewer into the position of "OMG, if/when someone did that to me it would be/was incredibly uncomfortable and squicky and she looks like she feels just the same way, this is awful." Which puts Biden in the position of creeping out millions of people (sort of a transitive property of squeamishness if you will) rather than only creeping out the specific woman he's currently being too goddamned handsy with.

Younger women especially have some very distinctly negative feelings about the idea that men are entitled to put hands on them without specific consent and are less inculcated in that "don't make a scene" behavior than older women are. If Biden runs he's going to find out that not everyone, and in fact a very huge percentage of the younger voters required to win the election, are not okay with his behavior and will not just stand around smiling uncomfortably and "letting Biden be Biden." It will not be a fun lesson for him as he loses spectacularly for the third time.

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