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IMHO yes, his campaign is over before it starts. Democrats are fortunate that he hasn't formally announced yet, so we get to avoid the spectacle of his withdrawing due to this issue. He can instead make some kind of announcement about how he isn't going to run to make room for the next generation to take over (and yes, I realize that if he put it that way it could be seen as a parting shot at Bernie). Now that I see how well some of the more unknown and younger candidates seem to be attracting a good following, I think the Democrats will be find if Uncle Joe sits this one out. I see several benefits to him sitting it out, and only one potential drawback.

Here's my list of benefits, by no means exhaustive.

1. There wouldn't be any "it's his turn" party insider candidates running. I think that could only be a good thing this particular cycle. Part of the underlying assumption here is that there are two "lanes" and that in the end it will come down to Bernie vs. whoever emerges from the rest of the pack. If it's not Biden I think Bernie won't have the whole party insider thing to use against whoever emerges from the rest of the pack.

2. The primary season won't turn into one long ongoing story about Biden's hands and who he has and hasn't groped, what evidence there is, is anyone else going to come forward, if Biden can do it then why can't Trump, etc.

3. Biden not being involved means that his supporters are going to have to take a closer look at the other candidates, and whoever does end up emerging will have won over those supporters on her or his own merits, rather than getting those voters because Biden endorsed them (assuming he wasn't going to win anyways).


The only one I see is if we actually are at a point where the Democrats have lost Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and that only someone like Biden can win those voters back. I don't believe this to be the case, but I could be wrong.

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