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Whoever the Ds select, the campaign will focus on personal attacks against that candidate. This is especially true if Trump is the opponent the Rs will want to distract from any focus on Trump's failings.

Bannon, Putin, Hannity and the entire GOP are devoted to using propaganda to undermine American democracy, but there's usually some foundation behind their successful lies. Hillary really did mistreat her official e-mail. If Warren is the nominee, the campaign will be all about "Pocahontas" .... but Warren really did over-emphasize her Native ancestry. If Sanders, the campaign will be all about "socialism" and there will be some fire behind that smoke.

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... But while he'd be a reasonable candidate, and a likely winning one, and (IMHO) a very good president, we have better choices, and his less than stellar handling of this ... event ... is merely a reminder of why he's lost races for the nomination those several times before.

Part of what attracts people to Biden is that he is not a prepared response kind of candidate. He responds honestly and off the cuff with what he really thinks without microanalyzing his words before they come out of his mouth and without thinking about what he will say much in advance. That is "real" and "authentic" ... and most commonly likable as well.
Voters often like how he wings it, it's lots of what people like about him and it is who he is ... but that same feature has torpedoed him too.
Yes. I like Biden, but there are now several good reasons he shouldn't run.

Most Americans are not stupid enough to fall for lies that have no basis whatsoever. We elected Obama despite that the liars called him a Muslim born in Kenya. Obama overcame the lies because he was impeccable. We need another impeccable nominee.

How about Cory Booker? Any skeletons in his closet? (I've heard that some right-wing haters will call him Gay. Will he need testimony from pretty woman (women?) about how hot he is in bed? )