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CA AB5- How does it apply to us lowly musicians?

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California is working on a bill to make Uber, Lyft, etc call their drivers employees, not independent contractors, thus making them liable to pay them wages, insurance, blah blah blah. I want to know how this affects me, an independent musician.

I'm a bandleader. I hire other musicians as independent contractors to play in my bands. I certainly can't hire them as employees. I'd like someone to help me understand how CA AB5 will affect how I and my colleagues operate.

I tried reading the text of the bill, but I'm not cut out to make any sense of that kind of jargon.

The reason I'm actually researching this is because I have some friends who are getting their knickers in a twist about it. Someone posted an article on FaceBook (I know, I know...) about it that sounded awfully alarmist, and now there's a petition to Gov Newsom to not sign it and it's starting to look like penis will ensue. (To be honest, the article looked to me more like someone was just bashing the Democrats here than trying to help.) I'll try to find the article.