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Both of my kids had sloppy rooms when they were teenagers. Clean and dirty clothes on the floor drove me nuts. My daughter was the worst. She'd clean it after she was threatened - no going out with friends unless your room gets cleaned up. But it was back in all its glory within a couple of days. I just learned to keep her door closed so I wouldn't have to look at it and realize that I didn't have to sleep in there (thank God).

She now had her own home and it always immaculate.....except for the kids' rooms. Haha - payback stinks!

I too think it's a more modern thing. I always shared a room with a sister (60s -70s). Our room would get messy but not too horrible. We'd be told to clean it on occasion. But another thing is our mom did not work outside of the home for most of our childhood. Which was much more common back then. Mom had the time to keep the house clean. These days, parents barely have time to make meals.

And going back further in time, kids didn't have the number of toys and clothes they have now. Look at the closets of an older home. They were the size of a broom closet (if that's even a thing anymore!) People only had a couple of changes of clothes. It's pretty hard to leave a pile of clean clothes mixed with dirty clothes and wet towels when you only have one outfit for school/church and one for play and probably only a couple of towels for the entire family.