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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Will his being someone who touched lots (women, men, children) when politicking as his style, sometimes with cluelessness as to when it makes others uncomfortable, be disqualifying to Obama-Trump voters? To Romney-Clinton ones? Will Democratic women stay home rather than vote for him when the alternative is Trump? Will younger voters stay home because of this? Will Black voters?
Black voters stayed home in 2016. If they has turned out for Clinton as they did for Obama, Trump would have lost the midwestern states and the presidency.

I don't think he loses that much support even if it lowers his favorables slightly.
Wishful thinking, IMO.

And this

Originally Posted by Lamoral View Post
And all Joe needs to do is say, "Donald, you have conducted yourself with such unbelievable crudeness and vulgarity not only during your presidency and campaign, but over your entire career, that it doesn't remotely compare. Do you know what 'remotely' means?"

He should say that during a debate.

I don't know if Biden is gonna get the nomination or not. But if he does, he needs to not back down an inch.

I'm sure Trump would have some words to say in response to that statement. And as soon as he does, all Biden needs to do is cut him off, as Trump always does to everyone else - and loudly as he can: "Pussy. Porn stars. Affairs. That's you, Donald."

The way people are discussing this upcoming election, it's like they learned NOTHING from the last time and still think it's 1992. Fuck that. The gloves are off.
is delusional thinking. Trump beat 16 Republicans doing this. Why would it work better this time?