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I think Lucy Flores' (and anyone else who cares to speak about their personal experiences with Joe Biden) statements should be considered with regards to Biden's candidacy. Her allegations strike me as credible. Biden's response hits a few good notes (not attacking Flores in any way or implying dishonesty and praising her for coming forward) and fails to hit some other notes it probably should have (Biden should make it clear that he now understands that physical affection is not always welcome, and he will be much more careful to not give hugs or other affection to strangers without clear signs that it would be welcome). I don't know if this will sink his candidacy; I will take this allegation and any others seriously and into account, and his response, when evaluating who to support.

I think random anonymous internet video cuts of Biden hugging or otherwise touching people who have not made any allegations against him, or otherwise provided their consent for images of their bodies to be used in political attack videos, should not be considered or cited as anything beyond random internet trash.