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As far as Bayless, he's crafted this argumentative, opinionated, I'm-always-right, persona, and seems to spout ridiculous opinions because he knows that it'll generate buzz. It's like he's taken the "heel" persona from pro wrestling, and applied it to sports talk.

As described in this 2013 Washington Post article, entitled "Skip Bayless, ESPN2 'First Take' co-host, may be the most hated man in sports":

Bayless just may be the most polarizing figure in sports today. The co-host of ESPN’s “First Take,” Bayless epitomizes the superheated, highly lucrative world of sports-talk television. It is a nascent arena that rewards shock and awe more than considered judgment, and Bayless is perfectly suited for it.

He’s insistent on everything, no matter how contrarian or seemingly outlandish: Tebow is a winner (“the next Brett Favre”), LeBron James is a choker (“He’s Pippen more than he’s Jordan”) and everything is open to interpretation (Example: “I’m totally against taking America-born white players in the first round of the draft.”).

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