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Dang, Peyton List is Jane! She played Lucy Montgomery on ATWT (before the last incarnation, played by Spencer Grammar, Kelsey's daughter)--and I never would have recognized her!

I'm still trying to catch up on who is who in this show, as I just started watching it last weekend. So much to comment about. The littering was definitely -not- par for the course, early 60s. At least not in my family - if there wasn't a trash can, you took it with you until you could dispose of it properly. That was just nasty, what the Drapers did. Poor Sal and Kitty - Sal's definitely got a crush on Ken; I wonder when Ken is going to realize where he "left" his lighter? That Jimmy was awful -- but wasn't Mrs. Draper supposed to be part of his "deal" that Bobbie negotiated with Don? I think so, and when she kept rejecting him, that's when he spilled the beans. I may be wrong, though -- as I said, still catching up.

Do love this show, though, and especially love seeing the early 60s. It was definitely a fun time, at least before the JFK assassination--for a 10 year old.