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Originally Posted by Mehitabel View Post
his mother was "a whore", whether professional or otherwise
Draper's mother was an actual prostitute. His father was one of her johns. After the mother died, he went to live with his biological father and his wife, who never let Don forget where he came from. I believe Don told Rachel all this.

I believe that Adam was the legitimate child of Don's father and his father's wife, but I think that their father died before Adam was actually born. Adam's mother then married "Uncle-something," who I believe was just as abusive to Don as his own father had been.

Originally Posted by tarragon918 View Post
The littering was definitely -not- par for the course, early 60s. At least not in my family
I think the "at least not in my family" is the key. Even now there's some litter. In the '70s, things were worse. There's a reason that there were actually massive advertising campaigns to get people not to pull that shit -- Give a Hoot, the crying Indian.

That Jimmy was awful
Seemed to me that he was pretty righteous in that scene. Why should he play along?

-- but wasn't Mrs. Draper supposed to be part of his "deal" that Bobbie negotiated with Don?
Definitely not.