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Originally Posted by acsenray View Post
.....I believe that Adam was the legitimate child of Don's father and his father's wife, but I think that their father died before Adam was actually born. Adam's mother then married "Uncle-something," who I believe was just as abusive to Don as his own father had been......
I've wondered about that part of Don's story. What was the exact timeline of Adam's conception, Don's father's accidental death & the marriage to Uncle So&So? Don shares his father's swarthy good looks but Adam resembled neither of them. Was Don escaping from something darker than a bunch of no account, Bible-thumping, kid-beating yokels?

Since Don's father supposedly died after being kicked by a horse, it's not strange that he does not share Betty's equestrian interests. He probably shoveled too much horseshit in his day to have any fantasies of riding to hounds with the landed gentry. Could she have found a more boring hobby to soak up the time not spent being annoyed by her son? She went to college & lived in Europe but we've only seen her reading Fitzgerald--because of the pompous dweeb in the stable. Don does have intellectual interests--along with his "other" pastimes. Perhaps her encounter with "those (non-Nordic) people" woke her up out of her daze. Or maybe she's still gobbling the pills prescribed by the psychiatrist she saw in Season 1.

Finally--is Don Draper really the toast of all the frisky ladies in Manhattan? Or did Bobbie discover his connection with the mysterious Random House lady & decide to screw with him? (Some more, that is?)

I love this show.....

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